Overview Edit

Reason 2 Die was a beautiful game on Roblox, that kept many players occupied. It was so successful that Roblox sponsored it and it even received a place on the Roblox Xbox One Featured List. But sadly, nothing great can last forever.

Death Edit

All though there are many reasons for R2D's downfall, the main ones will be listed here.

1)The pay-to-win aspect , Some weapons were clearly better than others and could be bought with robux allowing rich roblox players to instantly become the top player.

2)The lack of bug fixes, There were numerous bugs in r2d that would never get fixed and til this day they bother innocent noobs.

3)The Famas, The definition of Overpowered, this baby had a huge mag, incredible damage, insane accuracy, and amazing rate of fire. It's only weakness was reloading at ammo tables.

4) The exploiter surge, PlaceRebuilder made the mistake of not enabling Filtering Enabled which allowed a massive amount of players to cheat in cash and mess with the game. People still have fake ranks and millions of cash to this day.

5)Player Points, These points attracted numerous groups which led to a foul community and people who where there to farm points.

6)Bad Quality Maps, Lay-By, enough said.

Rebirth Edit

Although PlaceRebuilder was unable to fix r2d, because redoing all the scripts with Filtering Enabled would be pain, he started work on R2DA. Reason 2 Die Awakening is the sequel of R2D and is overall a higher quality game. Or at least in visuals it is. Although both games get around the same amount of players each day, the r2da wiki is more active and has a friendlier community.

----Written by NinjaWolf1767


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