Dead Plaza is a map set in an abandoned mall. Dead Plaza was added in the v49 update along with a consumable item named "ENRGY" and a new trailer for the game.


The loading screen/voting menu image for Dead Plaza.

Location Edit

This new map is a large section of a mall infested with zombies. It features many shops, restaurants, a mini-cinema and an underground car lot with a blocked entrance.

Game Modes Edit

Currently, there are two game-modes in Dead Plaza.

Survival: Players must survive for 5 minutes under constant zombie attack to win.

Elimination: Kill a total of 100 player-controlled zombies to win. (AI zombies do not count)

Trivia Edit

There is a grenade in the cinema's front desk popcorn machine that is unobtainable.

A 'Work At a Pizza Place' Pizza Delivery Vehicle can be seen in the garage.

It was meant to have a TMM (The Mad Murderer) game mode, but it was later cancelled due to the overwhelming negative response by the majority of the community. (78% disapproval rate)

There is a glitch in which a player can glitch themselves out of the map though a ATM machine right at the beginning. This is very difficult to be done and you are more likely to be killed in the process.

The movie theater has the great movie "ERROR" But it might be a broken Battle of Los Angeles

It is very common for players to glitch out the map though the display case and vents.

This is also the first map NOT to feature any Health Kits and Item Spawns.

This map only has 3 ammo boxes.

You can play TMM if an admin selects FFA and DeadPlaza.

The map can glitch sometimes and lets players out off the map from the door near the spawn

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