Crowbar Display
The Crowbar is a Melee Weapon. Can stun zombies.
Type of Weapon Secondary Melee
Price 3,500$
Damage 15

"Great close combat weapon." -Ingame Text

Wikipedia Information

Crowbar is an American sludge metal band from New Orleans, Louisiana, characterized by their extremely slow, low-keyed, heavy and brooding songs that also contain fast hardcore punk passages. Crowbar is considered to be one of the most influential metal bands to come out of the New Orleans metal scene. Their slow, heavy, and brooding style of metal is known to be influential in the sludge metal, doom metal, and stoner metal genres.


The Crowbar is basically the Bat but uses up less energy but causes less dmg too.
The Crowbar can break doors, crates, and windows.
The Crowbar is the rarest melee weapon seen among the survivors even more so than Tinpot.
The Crowbar 2nd trivia fact says it can break crates apparently so why don't you try it out.

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