A crossbow is an unusual weapon to be used in a zombie apocalypse, luckily it comes with explosive arrows to compensate. You just have to use them wisely.

Type of Weapon Secondary string-drawn bow
Price $13,500
Damage 20
Reload Time 1.0
Ammo / Round 1x10 (11 Total)

"Prestige weapon. What does that mean? Well, nvm. Its.. private.." -Ingame Text


The crossbow is an explosive weapon, capable of doing major damage when used properly. It is the only explosive weapon that is allowed in FFA (Free For All). Best used to set traps, and defend positions. Effective against Tanks.

Wikipedia Information

A crossbow is a bow mounted on a stick (called a tiller or stock) with a mechanism in it which holds the drawn bow string. The earliest designs featured a slot in the stock, down into which the string was placed. To shoot this design, a vertical rod is thrust up through a hole in the bottom of the notch, forcing the string out. This rod is usually attached perpendicular to a rear-facing lever called a trigger or "tickler". A later design implemented a rolling cylindrical pawl called a "nut" to retain the string. This nut has a perpendicular center slot for the bolt, and an intersecting axial slot for the string, along with a lower face or slot against which the internal trigger sits. They often also have some form of strengthening internal "sear" or trigger face, usually of metal. These "roller nuts" were either free-floating in their close-fitting hole across the stock, tied in with a binding of sinew or other strong cording, or mounted on a metal axle or pins. Removable or integral plates of wood, ivory or metal on the sides of the stock kept the nut in place laterally. Nuts were made of antler, bone, or metal. Bows could be kept and ready to shoot for some time with little effort, allowing crossbowmen to aim better.


-Originally unable to be refilled, but has since then been buffed to do so.
-Arrows are always explosive, doesn't matter if they stick to surfaces or zombies.
-Yes, explosive arrows will kill you. They have a timer of 4 seconds.
-There was a glitch that allows you to keep shooting arrows in a burst when standing next to an ammo table. It is known that this was patched in V59, and using it when it can done can lead to a short ingame ban.
-There was a time where the arrows weren't explosive.

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