This page is to be used to link oneself to sections of The Constitution. Each article will be broken down into sections. Links to each article will be listed below. No one else may edit this constitution except Lilithm/JennytheGunslinger and Placerebuilder. Editing of the constitution is a severe crime in it self.

Terms & Definitions

User/Users referee to anyone playing or have been playing Reason 2 Die by PlaceRebuilder.

Mod/Mods/Moderator/Moderators referee to the Moderators that have the Moderation rank in the R2D Community on ROBLOX.

The game referee to the game Reason 2 Die by PlaceRebuilder, published on

The wiki referee to this site ( and all pages found under this url.


1. Article One

2. Article Two

3. Article Three

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