As the title suggests, the community is slowly falling apart.

What I mean by that is we have members with 1k+ edits that are beginning to abandon the wikia. The members that were valued and the wiki could not be alive without.

Ever since CoolRaichu100 and Kadsan were given the opportunity to become a chat moderator, everything went haywire. I'm not mentioning this just because they should lose chat mod or anything, but mentioning it because these two people properly represent the members that the wikia could not continue without.

As a majority of the most active wikia members as of now, they opposed these two members being chat moderator. Coolraichu100 wasn't very effected by this act, but Kadsan surely was. A few moments after she figured that she wasn't fit for the job, she asked for a demote AND a ban. Kadsan never really deserved the pressure, and now she might be gone after I finish this.

We need to pull ourselves together, now i'm not asking to be super nice almost related to when you're at a job interview, or those 1st day of school writings, but asking to stop the unnecessary behavior that involves lack of common sense.

TL;DR : two people promoted to chatmod caused a huge oppose in the community and one person wanted to be removed, we pull ourselves together.

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