Clusternade 2
The Clusternade is an Explosive item. It will explode a few seconds after being thrown. It then splits into 6 smaller grenades that explode again.
Type of Item Explosive
Price 60$
Damage Differentiated
Blast Radius 25 Studs + 6 x 20 Studs

"Regular grenade + 6 x 20m blastrange mini-grenades. For all those moment you with their corpse to die violently as well :)" -Ingame Text


The Clusternade is most effective at decimating hordes of Zombies.

The Clusternade has a higher chance to hit a zombie than the regular grenade because of its huge final blast

The Clusternade's model is The Specialist's grenade.

There is a code to get 30 Clusternades featured on PlaceRebuilder's twitter @XelPixels

The Clusternade's power can instantly wreck a tank.

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