Winter event2

Name Christmas Event 2014

25-11-2014 - 25-12-2014

Special Items Cake, Chests, IceSledge, Presents, Candycane
Special Mobs Mr Frost, KingCake
Special Maps King Cake, Mr Frost, Toy Factory


The time when Christ was born is worth celebrating! He's given us forgiveness for our sins and a life with him all we have to do is accept it. So now you have to accept that R2D once again go nuts over another period of time! Snowball fights, Boss fights, special christmas gifts AND MORE will be added in this event. Stay tuned for the epic conclusion of Reason 2 Die - The Christmas Special!


King Cake and the "Cake" feature returns to R2D (as always)
This event is the first to include a special gamemode (SnowBallFight or SBF)
It was revealed that the boss & the presents will be released on December 1st, 2014. [Later pushed to December 2nd due to problems releasing it.]
Christmas Gifts or presents cannot be opened until Christmas Day (2014-12-25)
The update also includes the boss Mr Frost with many new features and items ex: The sledge hammer.
Gifts were revealed to be the Golden Ribbon/BowTie, the Christmas/Ice Vest, and the Laser Gun. People knew this because of Place's decals. However, it is pretty obvious which one will come out of the gifts.

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