Chinalake Display
The Chinalake is a Grenade Launcher. It's Grenades explodes when having Contact with anything.
Type of Weapon Primary Firearm
Price 12,000$
Damage Differentiated
Reload Time 0.3s
Ammo / Round 1x6 (7 Total)

"Fires grenades that explodes upon impact. 15 studs blastradius." -Ingame Text

Wikipedia Information

The China Lake Model (or China Lake Pump-Action Grenade Launcher) is a pump-action grenade launcher that was developed by the Special Projects Division of the China Lake Naval Weapons Center, which provided equipment to Navy SEALs.


The Chinalake can lead to self-damage and death.
The Chinalake is a Horde-Control weapon.
The Chinalake appears to stun Tanks and can stun-lock if done well.
The Chinalake always shoots up and the grenade makes an arc.
The Chinalake is considered overpowered by some.

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