CaveIn is a map in which your stranded in an abandoned mine with both AI and regular zombies.

How To Win

1. You will spawn into the map, head straight for to the blastdoor and get inside.

2. Once inside, you must complete a series of tasks, first of which is collecting 4 gas tanks. The gas tanks can be hidden in 5 different locations, those are for you to find.

3. After powering up the generator, you will be assigned to gather 3 TNT sticks. And of course, they will be hidden in one of the 5 spots gas tanks can be hidden.

4. After placing all TNT sticks in the box, you must step on the igniter. Once all the blocks from the brick wall have cleared, head into the upper room. There you must once again collect 5 items which will be on the shelves.

5. And finally, after gathering all said items, it is time to run for rescue. Run right back to the area you first spawned in. It's best to close the blast door right after all your teammates have made it through. And now hop onboard the boat for your cash prize.


The map Cavedin has 2 modes in which you can play, OBJ and CTF

AI zombies can spawn in this map

If soloed, a player can collect a total of $160 from the short tasks alone

Out of all the OBJ maps, this map has the most objectives that must be completed

Like some other OBJ maps, gas tanks can sometimes be piled on top of each other making the job easier

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