The Cavebat is the first flying player-controlled mob. This beast can be purchased for 50$ and the kill reward is 20$.


  • Health: 100 HP
  • Speed: 6 (Ground)
  • Speed: 40 (Airborne)


  • Spit (Fire's white goo that takes away 25 HP if the shots land on the torso/limbs, and 50 HP if it is a headshot. If all 3 shots connect with the head, the bat can deal up to 150 damage.)
  • Tackle (Dives into enemies with twice it's normal speed, knocking them over)
  • Flap with wings (Gains altitude)


  • Spit: Press E
  • Dash: Press F
  • Flap: Press LMB (Left Mouse Button)
  • Steer: Press W to get your bat to look the direction the camera is aiming.


R2D Sneakpeak- Cavebat Mob01:04

R2D Sneakpeak- Cavebat Mob


The Cavebat is mentioned in-game on the Menu Screen "Is cavebats only a myth?"
The Cavebat is the first and currently only zombie/thing in R2D that can fly whereas Hunters simply fall with style
The Cavebat is the second animal in R2D, second to the duck.
The Cavebat is the only zombie with two special attacks that can be triggered via hotkeys

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