Money is among one of the most important things in Reason 2 Die, as it is the game's currency and is used to buy bigger and badder weapons, many offensive and utility items, and vests which just might save your life in the right situation.

How to earn money

Earning money can be as simple as killing a zombie, or just doing the objective (in some cases). These are the following ways that allow you to earn money.



  • Fuel Canisters = $10
  • TNT = $15
  • Teddy Bear, feeding Leroy, and Supplies(Caved In) = $20


  • The cash reward from each round varies, depending on level difficulty.
  • The max amount you can get from winning is $500, usually at hard or extreme difficulty.

4.Buying Money

  • This is the easiest way to obtain money, but the most expensive way to do so. Plus we don't like P2Wers in R2D. It's okay if you are one though.
  • ALSO NOTE: Rebuilder removed the feature where you can buy credits due to hackers corrupting users' data
  • 1000 Cash - $80
  • 5000 Cash - $380
  • 14000 Cash - $1000

The Menu/LIVE Store, and You

The game's main store offers a selection of Primary, and Secondary weapons. Items and Vests can also be bought from here. Some of these weapons are behind rank unlocks which means you cannot access them until you are in that rank. In some cases items will also be "Pre-released", meaning they can only be bought with R$ and will be made purchasable with the in-game currency in the next few weeks.

Remember: If you don't have a lot of money to spare don't waste it immediately, check the wiki and ask others for advice before you purchase something! Putting thought into a purchase can save you time consumed by getting that money again, and wasting it on a bad weapon!


(R) - Rank Required


Pistol - $0

Revolver - $200

Tinpot - $500

M1 Garand - $800

Shotgun - $2,000

UZI - $3,400

Bat - $3,500

Crowbar - $3,500

M16 - $4,000

Sniper - $4,000

Colt M1877 - $5,000 (R)

Chinalake - $12,000

Thompson - $16,200

Ak-47 - $18,000

Rambo Knife - $22,000

Minigun - $50,000

MP5 - $22,500

Katana - $25,000 (R)

Chainsaw - $45,000

RPG - $70,000

Crossbow - $13,500

Toy Sword - 125R$


Cake - $0 (Say "Cake" to spawn 1 and only 1 cake)

Molotov - $15

Grenade - $20(1 free grenade upon joining in R2D group)

Pills - $20

Wrench - $25

Hammer - $30

Pipebomb - $40

Medkit - $50

Mine - $50

C4 - $100

ENRGY - $12

Baseball - $5

Candycane - $15

EMP Grenade - $20

Taser - $50

Clusternade - $60


Fireproof Vest - $10

Flak Vest - $10

Standard Vest - $50

Straw Hat - $75

Military Vest - $100 (R)

Ice Vest - $150

Officer Vest - $300 (R)

Live Store

Survivor (Most items bought have a limit, exception is grenade)

Plank Refill - $10(Set of 2)(Limit-4)

C4 Refill - $20(Limit-4) (R)

Grenade - $30(No Limit)

Pills - $30(Limit-1)

Van - $100(Limit-1)

Turret - $180(Limit-2)


Zombie - $0

Radar Tag- $10

Boomer - $15

Relocation - $15

Crawler - $20

Cavebat -$50

Hunter - $60

Smoker - $65

Stalker - $120 (one time per round buy)

Elemental - $145

Tank - $300

C4 Upgrade - $100 (Crawler only)

Tips to earn money

These are ways that I have personally found best to earn money with:

- Campfire Chaos is a very easy map, and is almost a guaranteed victory as long as your team is competent and keeps their losses to a minimum.

- Go out with a bang. A ton of zombies chasing you? Chuck a Pipebomb at the horde chasing you and watch the fireworks. This also applies to C4 and Mines, albeit mines and C4 being the most risky.

- Just kill a ton of zombies, weapons like the Shotgun or Thompson will do a quite serviceable job in doing this.

- As a FireElemental, sneak into the transport vehicle, use your special ability (press f) and just go to town on everyone inside. This should net you at least a few kills, granted they don't have Fireproof Vests and you stand inside your AOE, which will heal and keep you alive as long as someone with a Minigun doesn't step in and murder you horribly.

- Buy the Chinalake, since it's recent buff the projectiles now have Grenade properties (damage and knockback included!) This means it one shots basically any zombie, and can fling Tanks off of maps like No Mercy or Dead Vacation. Just don't let them get close!

- Elementals can be killed multiple times if shot with a high DPS weapon like a Minigun, Thompson, or AK-47 while they're standing inside their AOE attack, which heals them. So for every 100 damage you're while they stand inside of that, it counts as a kill.

- Go on a killing streak as a Zombie, self explanatory. Wise use of the Tank, Crawler, and Elemental are recommended to accomplish this.

- Place Turrets on zombie spawn locations, this is especially effective on maps like The Sewers since the zombie spawns can usually be identified relatively quickly. Just make sure you're able to make it out in one piece after leaving the Turret there, and pack a wrench to make sure it doesn't run out of ammo or get destroyed.

- Kill Tanks, hunt them! Make them your steed if you must! ...I don't mean go up and hug them with your Revolver or something, what are you, crazy? What I mean is attempt to hang back a suitable distance from them and get the last hit if you can.


Money is important, remember to conserve it and make your purchases wisely. Use what is best suited to your play style and try to keep yourself from dying. The faster you earn enough money, the faster you can gear yourself out and be able to stand a better chance against the many zombie threats. We hope this guide helped and good luck!