Is a candy wat else
Yay canes
The Candycane is an item that regenerates 100% of your energy and 15 health.
Type of Item Health Boost/Energy Boost
Price 10

"Nom nom nom"~Candycane eater

Ingame info

The candy cane is a purchasable item in the ingame store. It is able to regenerate 100% of your energy and heal 15 health. It has a one use only.


Candy canes are an iconic item when it comes to Christmas. They have been around since the 1670's when a German Choirmaster asked a local candy maker to make some sweet sticks to help deal with the noisy children during his service's. The canes were bent like a shepherd's stick to symbolize the shepherd's who visited baby Jesus. Another record of it's appearance in the annals of time was that in 1844 when there was a recipe recorded for straight peppermint sticks with stripes on it. By 1874, it was associated with Christmas and by 1882 they were hung on trees as decoration.


The Candycane is able to get rid of the infection in INF mode
The Candycane is great for escaping situations like you are last alive, being pinned by a Smoker,
run away when the attack is over, throw a pipebomb, eat this, and keep running to heal. This WILL pay for itself  always.

The Candycane is the first item that is able to have dual "buffs" It is able to heal and restore energy

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