Campfire Chaos is an original map which appeared in the R2D 2012 Revamp, and has since been one of the easiest maps in R2D.


The map appears to be Two Islands in the middle of the ocean, with a small wooden bridge connecting both islands together. It contains mostly-nature props than buildings itself.


There's Three Goals on this Map in order to Survive.

  • Call for Rescue - In order to finish this Goal, a Survivor must find the Radio and call in for Rescue. It can be found on the Farm Storage.
  • Find the Bear - In order to finish this Goal, The Survivors must find a Teddy Bear and touch it. The Teddy Bear spawns at a random location once the 1st Goal has been finished.
  • Survive - In order to finish this Goal, the Survivors must stay alive for one minute. When the 2nd Goal has been completed, a Private Jet will arrive instantly at the top Island, and will remain in place for an entire minute. When the timer reachs zero, the Private Jet will fly away and the Survivors inside it will have completed the Objective.

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