A Survivor holding the C4

The C4 is Remote Explosives that can be used as Traps, and is considered one of the Explosives with highest Blast Radius.
Type of Item Explosive
Price 100$
Damage Differentiated
Blast Radius 30 Studs

"Remote detonated explosions is the perfect thing for a fun trap. It got a 30 studs blastradius, putting up 2 on a room should take care of your problem." -Ingame Text


The C4 have caused many Death Incidents 
The C4 doesn't triggers when the Survivor is dead
The C4 is mostly placed around an escape vehicle to clear of zombies before entering at the last second
The C4 is good for blowing tanks off map and pay for the 100$ price
To detonate press 'F' key

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