Bunnies are meant to be used in the game mode BUNNY, to hop press E, if you press space while on the bunny you die instantly. (used for racing)


WASD - Move

E - Jump

Q - Use Ability (on Open Fields)

Spacebar - Reset (on Open Fields), Dismount (on normal mount)


There are two types of bunnies, race bunnies and mount bunnies. Race bunnies move slower on grass than on the "road" (on Open Fields only). Jumping off a race bunny results in death while jumping off a mount bunny will just set it free until you mount it again.


If you bought the Toy Sword, you can use it on the bunny to fight your foes!

To spawn the bunny mount, say "mount".

If you say mount when your mount is spawned, the mount will despawn until you say mount again.

You can purchase a mount for 750 robux, alternatively - you can get the bunny by obtaining 20 bunny points. These points can be acquired by achieving 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in Open Fields.

You are able to walk over your own placed Landmines while on the mount without the Landmines blowing up.

If you are off the bunny mount, occasionally it will scratch its ears and act adorable.

There is a glitch that allows you to use a weapon while riding the Bunny, but it's a little difficult to perform.

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