Same thing as the other r2d3 idea pages. Just be sure to put stats such as: HP, attack, speed, etc (Examples Below)- Blazing Noscoper


Attack: 30 bullet from his pistol one shot bullet from his sniper

Speed: X

Health 50001

Terminator (Credits to Place):

Attack: 60

Speed: 70

Health: 50000

Reward: $1500

Map Setting: A factory

~Blazing Noscoper


Attack: 30

Speed: 80

Health: 666666

Reward: $2000

Mat Setting: Hell

~Blazing Noscoper

PlaceRebuilder's Head

Attack: 9000

Speed: 9000

Health: 9000

Reward: $1

Map Setting: A smoker's butt




Speed:[tel:[tel:[tel:10000000000 10000000000] 10000000000] 10000000000]


Tank King (A giant tank wearing a crown)

Attack: 300

Health: 7500

Speed: 15

Map Setting:

Shadow Zombie

Attack: 500

Health: 20000

Speed: 50

Reward: RPG-7 (1% Chance of earning from a chest)

Map Setting: Shadow Lair

~Dark MC Kairo


attack: 1000

speed: over 9000

health: 15000


map setting: green hill zone



Attack: 420

Speed: 69

Health: 13337

Reward: $1337

Map setting: Triangle baseplate with illuminati decal on it

- UMadBroV2

Dr. Zomboss (Yes, im serious)

Attack: 50

Speed 20

Health: 900000

Reward: 3000- 9000

Map Setting: Like the Plants VS Zombies Final Boss (On a Roof At Night Time)



Jacket from Hotline Miami

Attack: Instakill (or just 100-150)

Speed: 30

Health: 500 (he should have 95% damage resistance because of his HP)

Reward: 5000

Map Setting: Mansion/Night-club

The 8-Bit Hero

Health: 20,000


Command Attack: Three sword slashes, 15 damage each

Bomb: Explosive, up to 60 damage, inflicts Exhaustion, stamina gradually decreases

Gigadyne: Does 40 damage to everyone, inflicts Shock, disabling sprint and slowed speed, unavoidable, used late into the fight

Evil Smile: Instills Fear on nearest survivors with 50% success rate, survivors constantly lose control and stop responding to player's input, must be hit by allies' melee or shove attacks to remove Fear

Ghastly Wail: Instantly kills all survivors inflicted with Fear

Summon: Sends several minions, Lying Hableries, that attack a survivor once doing 25 damage + knockdown then fleeing

Speed: 18

Reward: $2,000

Map Setting: Enclosed, retro RPG-themed stage (no falling off and dying!)

~JoJiteHoHSiS (a.k.a. why did I ever think this was a good idea?)

PlaceRebuilder's Giant ass:



Ability:Can shat on survivors

Map setting:PlaceRebuilder's toilet [Made by EpicKnightbuilderman]

Flippy the veteran bear

Speed: 25

Reward 2000 - 2500

Map setting: Battlefield

Ability: Can decapitate survivors and shoot a gun

- Epikstickman46


The Mighty Zilth

100 dmg from his sniper

50k health and only uses his sniper once every 5 minutes, main is minigun which does 1 dmg per hit (1000 shots per min)





Ability:Can Shrekify any living thing

Map setting: SexyShrekSwamp


Edgar the moon bear (Credit to swager)


Speed:Same as king cake


Reward:2500 or chests


Another Illuminati

Speed 6

Attacks turns every one into a Triangle making people have 6 hp(Pills And Medkit can make your Health back to normal)

AbitilSpawns 66 Illuminati Minions They Do 30 Dmage each 4 seconds

Hp 66666


Mutant zombie


Speed:20(really fat so he is slow.)

Reward:Same as king cakes rewards

Ability:spawns in a zombie from R2D(Should not be able to spwn in OP zombies like a tank only stick with regular zombies but make them a bit harder to kill.) A smash ability that's makes chunks of rocks fall down killing any survivor who touches it.

Map:A under ground cave maybe.

Mutant zombie idea by guycool416

Doge Boss/Zombie

HP: 33033

Speed: 36

Reward: Doge Rocket Launcher, shoot outs doge heads and doge heads explode causing 100 damage at the most

Ability: Shoots out explosive doge heads

Blind people with intense MLG memes

Freeze people in the air

Map: No map, you just fly around and shoot at the doge who also flys around, lots of memes in the background


Kester The giant

HP 80,000

Speed 24

Attack kinds Minigun burst (15 shots 1 bullet = 55 damage) (bad aim)

Power fuse (Blows with electic exoploisve) Cause stun)

Mega smash 30x30 studs per hit (Large fist smash)



Emperor Egg (Easter boss idea :D) Made by ssjzssjz123

Attacks: Summon evil egg minions (once locked on will splat on you 30 dmg and possibly knocking you off) Flings expired candy at you 40 dmg, Body slam will paralyze and dmg everyone by 60 dmg in the radius.

Speed: 32

Map: Fields full of nature. (open fields)

Reward: 1000-1500 and or/and a chocolate egg event item that can restore 20 hp and full energy (5 time use)

Health: 65000


PumpKing (Halloween Boss)

Attack : Attack with hook ,summon Headless Pumpkin head knight , Spin , Light bream (shot from eye)

Special : Flying

Speed : 42

Map : Halloween Castle

Reward : Pumpkin Sword (75 Damage , Use 25 energy ,) , 2000 Money

Health : 11500


Boss Should look like this


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