A Boomer

The Boomer is one of the Special Infected in the game. All Boomers appears to be Fat. He can be purchased for 15$ and the Kill Reward is 20$


  • Health: Weak
  • Speed: Slow


  • Scratch (LMB Click)
  • Vomit Attack (F Key)


Boomers. Once a Lazy Gamer, now a Fat Zombie (no insults!). The Boomer is a Acid Bomb, filled with pure Stomach Acid, ready to exile it out of it's body towards the Survivor. They can vomit at free will, and the Vomit can and will Confuse and Slow the Survivor that gets caught by it's Acid. They can also explode- making them even more mortal. But unfortunately, due to the fact that the Boomer's body is mostly filled of pure Acid, they cannot walk easily due to the liquid weighting down the Boomer. They are extremely slow, and extremelly weak. Worthless considered by many, but powerful if unoticed. The Boomer is considered the Kamikaze class on the game.

Disvantages and Advantages


  • Slower than a crawling hunter
  • Low Vomit Range near point-blank
  • Much weaker than ordinary zombies
  • More disadvantages than advantages


  • Explodes on Death
  • Vomit confuses Survivors


The Boomer vomits covers the Survivor's screen
The Boomer explosion can cover the Survivor's screen and damage them.
The Boomer has the least amount of health approximating at around 50 hp
The Boomer are considered completely worthless by many users.

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