Blackfield Station is a map in Reason 2 Die that takes place in a bus station on a road in the middle of nowhere, there seem to be rivers that go through the station

Walkthrough Edit

In survival mode, players have to first find the flare gun, which can be found in the areas shown on the map below, when the flare gun is found, it's used to call a rescue bus, which will arrive at the station 5-10 minutes after the flare gun is shot

In capture the flag, the zombies and survivors have to take the flags of the other team and bring it back to their own flags, the location of the flags is shown in the map


In infection, players have to avoid zombies since being damaged will give you an infection bar, which will kill you once it becomes full

Location Edit

There are two bus stops that used to be connected but were destroyed during the apocalypse, sections of the highway are also broken in areas, which show the rivers and streams under them

Random cars are strewn throughout the map and some stone structures can be seen

A fence separates the two halves of the map

Gamemodes Edit

  1. Survival
  2. Infection
  3. Capture the Flag

Trivia Edit

  • The areas on the river under the highway are good camping areas
  • You can hide right where the bridge meets the highway
  • The only way to win on this map is by sitting in the front of the bus. If you do not sit in the front, while the ride, the bus will drop you out without earning any cash.

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