Blackfield Station is a map based in an abandoned bus station, in what seems to be the middle of nowhere.


The map appears to be a pre-destroyed Bus Station with a collapsed tunnel walk that supposely connects both Stations on each side of the map. It contains mostly road than anything else and destroyed parts of the map can be seen almost everywhere.


There's Three Goals on this Map in order to Survive.

  • Find the Flaregun - In order to finish this Goal, a Survivor must find a Flaregun and use it. It can be found at a random location.
  • Survive - In order to finish this Goal, the Survivors must survive a randomnized ammount of time (4-8 Minutes) without getting killed. This Goal triggers once the 1st Goal has been finished.
  • Defend the Bus - In order to finish this Goal, the Survivors must protect the Bus for one minute, preventing Zombies from getting inside and dominating it. The Bus appears once the 2nd Goal has been finished. It is recommended to stay outside the Bus while defending it. Once the timer reachs zero, the Bus will start moving foward and the Survivors inside it will have completed the Objective.

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