The Users

Section 1

Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated.

§ 1. Racism, the judgment of users for color of their skin is prohibited.

§ 2. The harsh treatment of users based on their sex, is prohibited.

§ 3. The intentional provocation of users is prohibited. Doing this to a moderator will earn the person a more severe punishment.

§ 4. All quoting of users is allowed as long as the quote is not missleading from the original text.

Section 2

Religion/Politics may be spoken of, but not debated with hateful words.

§ 1. Bad treatment of users due to their beliefs is prohibited.

§ 2. Debates may not take on a form of a flame war.

Section 3

Lying of any kind is prohibited. If you are caught lying about information, you will be punished. If one is lying about what a moderator is doing, the punishment will be more severe.

§ 1. With-holding vital information from a moderator or administrator is prohibited.

§ 2. False reports is prohibited.

§ 3. Accusation of the wrong doing of players without substantial evidence. If it is found that the evidence used was all orchestrated by oneself, the punishment will be great.

Section 4

Hate speeches of any kind are not allowed.

§ 1. Long posts targeted at a certain users with ill intent is prohibited.

Section 5

Begging for items, positions, etcetera may lead to day bans.

§ 1. Asking for mod, credits, rank, items or other assets in R2D is prohibited.

§ 2. Paragraph one does not cover: asking for recovery of lost data.

Section 6

Spamming is not allowed and can lead to punishments.

§ 1. Posts or chats spamming a particle message or gibberish.

§ 2. Repeatedly sending message to the inbox of moderators with the same subject one after another.

§ 3. Paragraph 1 applies to the game, the wiki and the community group.

Section 7

Telling people to say a command, or misleading people can result in day bans.

§ 1. Fooling users into thinking they are able to get an advantage by saying, or doing something. If the person who is fooling others into saying a command happens to take a screenshot or records, they will be severely punished if found guilty.

§ 2. Trolling users to walk on their own mine is not the same thing as paragraph 1.

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