Section 1

All types of modification of values in R2D by using any other program than what is directly supplied by the game itself will result in being banned permanently.

§ 1. All use of CE (Cheat Engine) is prohibited.

§ 2. Users are allowed to have CE installed, but not having it open while playing R2D.

Section 2

Exploiting glitches is prohibited and may lead to day bans or even being banned permanently depending on the severity.

§ 1. Exploiting bugs that gives free credits is prohibited.

§ 2. Using the Rambo Knife to jump extra high is allowed.

§ 3. Exploiting glitched game features that puts the game in an infinite halt is prohibited.

§ 4. Glitches that do not halt the gameplay are allowed.

§ 5. Using the glitch where one consistently switches weapons in order to fly is not legal. Using it will get the user killed, or if they do not heed the warnings they are given, may lead to being banned for a certain amount of time.

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