After you fill the form, send it to either Irrsinn or Lilithm via Private Message on ROBLOX. Your application will be nil if it's sent to both head moderators or more than once.

Application Form

*IRL Age:
*RBLX Age:
Past Exp:
  • IRL Age: How old are you in real life, counted by years.
  • RBLX Age: How long have you been on ROBLOX, since your first account creation data.
  • Bio: Your biography. Simply introduce yourself.
  • Why: What are your principal reasons for working on R2D.
  • When: At what pacific time you will be available to moderate on R2D.
  • How: How you pretend to help keeping the community of R2D a friendly and safe place.
  • Where: On what country you live, please don't add deep informations such as city and address.
  • Activity: How long you can spend working on R2D per day before you become inactive, counted by hours.
  • Knowledge: Tell how much you know about Reason 2 Die. This way we can discover how long you've been playing.
  • Gender: Self explainatory. If you're either male or female.
  • Languages: What kind of languages you understand and how much properly.
  • References: What or who are you referencing to on the making of this form.
  • Past Exp: What were your past experiences moderating a game of any kind.
  • Details: Some extra talk to increase your application rating.

Questions with asterisk are obligatory to answer. Questions without asterisk are optional to answer.

Give grammar and effort on your application, or it will be considered trash.

Make sure you've read the Moderators and Constitution pages before sending an application.

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