The map Anti Virus depicts a laboratory with many different rooms. The main room is occupied by a large computer critical to the round. The map has 1 Easter egg, 2 disinfection tubes for survivors, a vial tray, and a computer. Other rooms include a room that appears to have been used for dissecting zombies, an upper level bridge that has several rooms and is linked to an air vent. This air vent is connected the machine room, and at the end in the machine room, there is an ammo table and a zombie spawn next to it.

Game Modes

In this map, the only mode currently available is Objective.


1. All human players start off infected by a virus. The progress of the infection is displayed by a green bar on the right of the screen. Find 4 vials, filled with purple liquid and which are scattered around the map. The players must cooperate in order to find them and place them on the tray in the main room in order to proceed. Unfortunately, players will attempt to be trolls and not put in the antidote.

2. Get disinfected. One all the antidotes have been collected, the computer will start working and you have a chance to get disinfected. In order to get disinfected you must go inside a tube and have someone press "Run". After so the doors will close and you get disinfected. Please note that only ONE person is allowed per tube. If more then one person enters one of them will die. Everyone must be healed in order to proceed to number 3.

3. After everyone has been disinfected, the remaining survivors must kill all the remaining zombies (AI zombies do NOT count)


The Easter egg in this map is the chalkboard in the main room. It has random calculations and formulas that together make no sense.

Once the virus meter on the humans are full, all players automatically die, which is a good lesson for those who refuse to cooperate.

Teamwork is vital for this map.

Some mobile users don't have the virus bar due to limited screen space, resulting in death since they don't know when they'll will die. In this situation, just guard the computer and crowd. If you die by not going into the machines on mobile and still guard and still die, contact PlaceRebuilder.

If two or more people are in one of the machine's tubes, only the last person to enter will survive.

The entire map is comparable to the map Overdose in the game Combat Arms.

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