What are they? Edit

Al zombies are zombies with a route programmed into the game script, they attack those who pass on their way. These zombies were probably the residents of cities who were infected (which explains the existence of these zombies in urban areas).

Attack Edit

A.I Zombies are extremely weak, dealing 4 damage per scratch to survivors.

Life Edit

They have around 75 HP, players are rewarded with $5 when they kill an A.I Zombie.

Where are these zombies found? Edit

As said, A.I Zombies are found in dense and urban areas:

P.S: i don't remember the others

Pictures Edit

RobloxScreenShot12312014 181612232

Al zombies stuck on the wall

RobloxScreenShot12312014 181622704

other kind of zombie Al

RobloxScreenShot12312014 181634302

a type of zombies Al

I don't have any more images, if you have any put them here.

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